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French, Jewish, Horses, Ellis Island, Immigration, Russia, Tzar,
Horse Farm, Virginia, Romance, Paris, Catholic, Love, Golf

The Middle of Nowhere

The Butterfly

His Name Was David Freeman

A French Connection

Lane's End


The Middle of Nowhere - Could anyone even begin to contemplate giving up the job they love, their elegant condo, lifelong friends and the excitement of New York City for a cattle ranch in the middle of nowhere for any man? This is Julia’s dilemma and a brand-new twist on the age-old stories of New York deb meets Montana Cowboy. Is the cowboy all he purports to be? What's the mystery behind his relationship with her aunt?


The Butterfly - How do you know what love is if you've never been in love? Where do you look for the answer? Sent to Mexico on assignment by her law firm, Michael Madison, a young, talented, but naive young woman becomes deeply, passionately involved with a married man. Realizing her affair with the wealthy Mexican will end badly she returns home hoping to resume her life and expecting the success of her assignment will advance her career. But fate has something different in mind. Leaving friends and family behind, Michael accepts a position with a small underfunded non-profit over a hundred miles from home. The dramatic changes in her life are further complicated when she meets a handsome doctor, but will her illicit affair always cast a dark shadow over her life.


A French Connection - Can an attraction develop into anything more given a twenty year age difference, religious conflicts, and family objections? A well to do widowed business man nearing retirement meets a French widow twenty years his junior. Their business arrangement becomes something more than casual. The differences in age, religion and family present many ups and downs to a developing romance. A trip to Paris to meet her family sets them on a rocky road to marriage. Will it ever happen with all the twists and turns in their relationship? Will they live happily ever after or part because of unresolved differences?


Lanes End - A young couple marry after meeting at a Naval Academy graduation during the Vietnam War. She is disowned by her wealthy family who find the young naval officer unacceptable. After two years together he is being sent overseas. Not wanting to leave his pregnant wife alone he accompanies her to his grandfather's thoroughbred breeding farm in Virginia where she is to remain while he is on overseas duty. With her husband killed in the war she and her son are watched over by the grandfather and the mysterious Texan who manages the farm. The Breeding, training and racing of thoroughbred horses is woven into the storyline.


His Name Was David Freeman - With the sudden death of his father, seventeen-year-old David is forced to leave the security of the estate his father managed in Prussia in search of an uncle living near Kiev in the Ukraine. Carrying with him the dream of owning a grand farm of his own someday. Fate plays into his hands as he's given the opportunity to immigrate to America taking with him his new bride. In telling his story to his granddaughter he relives the joys, the sorrows and the hardships of raising a family in a world strange to him. The story traces David's family through the second and third generations from the 1880s of the Russian Czars to 1960s in America.



About Ruth Kipnis

Raised in Northern California I developed a love for horses at an early age. My husband and I raised our family in Woodside, California where we participated in local horse activities from horse shows to fox hunting. Through a twist of fate we turned a hobby into a thriving business when we added a Thoroughbred Training Center to our already growing broodmare operation. After retiring we spent two years aboard our boat the Paradigm sailing the waters of Mexico. We finally settled in Puerto Vallarta. Returning to the States seven years later for medical reasons, and purchased a farm in South Carolina filling it with ex racehorses. Writing came late in my varied career, but I've always believed that all of us have some secret desire, be it to ride a bike, pay a guitar, paint a picture, or in my case write a novel. Age should not dissuade anyone from the joy of following one's bliss.



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ruth kipnis

All of Ruth's books are available in Paperback and Ebook format

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