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REVIEWS - 5 Stars Across The Board!!

The Middle of Nowhere (coming soon)




Lane's End

I loved her characters. It was certainly interesting learning about the horse breeding business, something I never knew anything about. It was an easy read.

Loved this book! Light easy read. Couldn't put it down. Love, family troubles, and reminder of the sacrifice made during war times. Would be a great movie!

A genuinely engaging book. A look at a young, educated woman in the Vietnam war era who follows her heart despite what her family plans for her. A story about the love of horses and the love of her life. Greatly enjoyed by our book club.

A wonderful read. I bought the book to see if my grandchildren would enjoy it since they love anything about horses. I thought they would love it so I purchased the book for them. I am recommending Lanes End to all my friends.

An absolutely charming story encompassing love, loss and renewal. I was more intrigued with each passing chapter. As a Navy brat myself, I can tell you the author's descriptions of Navy life were spot on, and I loved the horse breeding/racing theme interwoven through the story. A wonderful first novel and I look forward to the next!

A sweet love story, a quick summer-beach-weekend read. Not overly sappy, but definitely a romance one hopes to find. I see a "Hallmark movie" in the future. We could cry, we could laugh and we definitely root for the heroine's decision in the last scene.


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A French Connection

A terrific second book by Ruth Kipnis. The romance developing between the older man and the younger woman was sweet. Gave you insight into possibilities as we all get older and lose a significant other, whether it's through death or divorce. Not over-the-top mushy, just romantic as he comes to terms what it is to truly be in love. The real-life reactions by the children, especially by the females in his family, gives one pause to how one might react if found in similar situations.The dynamics of a self-described non-hands-on-father with his adult children might open the eyes of some. Things aren't always as they seem when we are growing up! All in all another "Hallmark"-type story that would make a sweet movie. It's nice to read something that doesn't make you think. Perfect recipe for a quick summer read. Only want what's best for people's happiness. I understand there is another book in the works due out in September-I can't wait!!!

A delightful story which I could easily read again. Bought another copy for my friend's birthday.

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His Name Was David Freeman

Everyone needs a grandpa like David Freeman, the main character. This multigenerational book explores the horrors of war and the effects on so many lives, the struggles between different cultures and how time results in less racism and conflict, how true love can help people survive all obstacles and lead rich, happy lives. Grandfather David shares many loving moments with his granddaughter, Maya, and inspires her to become the strong woman, wife, and mother we could all hope to become. Readers will love this book and be eager to share it with friends. ~Amy M.


Ruth created a book that is absolutely one of the best. There is such an intimate connection with the characters, I was sure Ruth had written from personal experiences. It turns out that it is total fiction, but I was engrossed in the story from the beginning, because it reminded me of my family connections. Of course my grandfather was not a Russian Jew who immigrated to the US to work hard and build something for his family. David's determination was the connection for me. It is a great book & I highly recommend it. ~Kathy W.



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The Butterfly

The story flow well from the start, combining excellent descriptions of the venues in Mexico and other locations , with the issues that emerge in the intersection of moral, cultural, and class differences. The main character, unlike many today, takes responsibility for choices despite the consequences. There is a believable O'Henry-like conclusion. All together, an enjoyable read.

Read while I was recuperating from knee surgery. Easy and enjoyable read. Descriptions of Mexico make me want to visit. As with all her other books it seems once you start you travel thru the pages and can’t wait to find out more.

This book is a perfect "Beach" read. The characters are believable and one really cares about them. I thoroughly enjoyed how the author brought so many plot lines into focus and actually brought all of them to a beautiful conclusion. Loved it.


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